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Here Comes the Sun

  Happy Wednesday from teddy bear Lola and me! I decided it was more than time for another HAPPY post! So scroll down for smiles, all images courtesy of Google images. 😀 Have a great day love! Thanks for reading, I love you for it. until next time, stay cute, stay sweet. xoxo, marcy b

LONG Overdue Happiness

Well hello my friends, upon contemplating what today’s post could be on…it hit me. I am long overdue for a happiness post and the timing is great because this week I have kind of been in a funk. I could use a good laugh and I bet you could too. So scroll now for smiles. 😀 […]

If you’re happy and you know it.

You guys! Finally it is Thursday, I don’t know why but this week has been a brutal one for me. The weather was so nice and yesterday we had a cold front blow in, but that should come as no surprise since Louisiana is notorious for this. I figured everyone could use a smile today, […]