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Recipe Time…chicken pot pie

Happy Friday everyone! So I want to begin sharing my favorite recipes here with you because if you’re like me you get burnt out trying to figure out dinner every night. I normally hate pot pie, but this is a recipe from my mom. She actually made this for us when she stayed over after […]

A look into Magnolia Mill Boutique

Hello friends, I wanted to share a video I made and show a little bit more about my online boutique and why I do what I do! I hope you like it. I also hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I am still trying to get into the groove of things myself. […]

How TO: Style Plaid

With fall just around the corner, its no wonder this particular print comes to mind. The staple of the season, plaid. It’s such a classic piece that has been done a million different ways and has been around for years. Yet, can come across totally chic, or completely farmer brown. Here are just a few ideas I […]

A Closet Lesson by Me

Happy Friday friend! Yay, yay, the weekend is here! The weather is amazing, the holidays are creeping closer, oh I love this time of year. 🙂 Any who,  I have been meaning to write about this topic today for quite some time now.  Plus, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to take action! Let […]

How To: Making a Simple Door Wreath

Hey friends, so since purchasing our house I have been on the hunt for a cute and simple wreath to hang on our front door. However, have any of you ever priced those out before while home goods shopping? Those babies are NOT cheap. That was when I decided that I was going to take […]

how to…style ankle boots

   Happy Saturday friends! I recently got these cute ankle boots and I think there is really a stigma towards boots. I mean, they get stereotyped as “winter” shoes when in actuality can be worn year round. That being said, this rule doesn’t apply to fur trim boots obviously. But you should be able to […]

Pencil Skirt and Print

Hi again! Hope this week is treating you right. At least it is Wednesday, middle of the week already. I want to share my outfit from yesterday. This top is one of my purchases from Forever 21. Its cropped, which can be tricky, but I love the way it flares and the colors are my favorite. […]

DIY: Reupholster Furniture

Happy Monday you guys! I don’t know about you, but for some reason this Monday has really got me turned upside down. My brain does not want to work with me today. This picture perfectly displays my feelings at the moment. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and shared the love with your mom, […]

How to: Day to Night Styling

Happy Monday lovies! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine was very low key. I hope you don’t forgot to enter my giveaway for your very own pore extraction masque from Enza. The company is fabulous and so are their products! See my previous post for more information. So,  I always blab to you about how crucial knowing how to style […]

How to Style Stripes

Happy Wednesday my loves! I decided it was time for another “how to”. This edition features stripes. I want to show you different outfit ideas for wearing stripes! This first outfit is edgy and chic. Black pencil skirt, black pumps, and a bright scarf. Stripes are such a classic style and knowing how to wear […]