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Valentines Day is for the Birds

Happy Friday friends! Can you believe it is already February, the month of love!? I always say this every year… that this day shouldn’t be just about romantic love, it’s a day to celebrate the love between family, your friends, and even yourself. I came across these cute little things that I wouldn’t mind myself! What […]

Time Keeper

Hey guys, today I am going to write about something I don’t normally mention much, but I think its an important aspect of not only style but fashion overall. Before cell phones, computers, and televisions people tracked time with clocks. Later pocket watches and then wrist watches. Times have changed to say the least, but now watches are […]

Cargo Kitty.

Happy Monday! I say that with full sarcasm of course. What a day, today was my first day back in the office and my brain feels like mush right now. Nothing a little ootd post can’t fix though. So here is one of my latest looks, I really like this outfit. Hope you do too. […]

Friday Favorites – 3rd Edition.

Happy Friday Everyone! TGIF, am I right? I am spending my Friday night bundled up indoors. Today it was 80 degrees out and by the time the sun went down it was freezing. Got to love Louisiana. Hope you are having a fun night. Today is the perfect day for another round of “Friday Favorites”. […]

Dear Mary

Good evening everyone! Let’s hear it for the weekend beginning tomorrow. In honor of today being my little sister’s 18 birthday. I would like to share her very own Outfit of the Day as well as a walk down memory lane! Introducing the newly legal, Mary Elizabeth. Her style is a lot different from mine. […]