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Body Inspiration

Happy Friday! YES! The weekend is here once more. Even though my week was a short one due to coming back from vaca, I still find the days were much longer than I would have liked them to be. Nonetheless, it’s all done now and time for some R&R. Today I want to hit a […]

Current Summer Obsessions

Hello again friends! I want to share with you the things I am thinking about and shopping for. I am really on a kick to reboot my wardrobe and as usual I am trying to decorate our home! I love to shop, so really these aren’t issues for me. summer cravings by marcyj147 featuring succulent […]

Summer Dreaming

¬† ¬†Hello everyone, Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I am beat and I bet you are too. But lately I have found myself dreaming and very much¬†anticipating the summer for a few weeks now. It is by far my favorite time of year because I love summer time colors and warm weather. For me it […]