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Fall Basics

Hi guys, hope you had a great weekend. Now that fall is swinging in, it’s time I mention a couple of items that every gal needs for fall. Things like scarves, ballet flats, leggings/tights, boots, long sleeves, and pumpkins?! Cooler weather is all about staying cozy, but looking chic at the same time. No need […]

Plaid Play

Happy day, I won’t say WHICH day because I don’t so much enjoy these days. EESH, I am sleepy. Although, I did have an amazing weekend in Florida! The weather was amazing and no one was around since it’s the off season now. A little get away was exactly what I needed at the moment. […]

Printed Pants, Please

hello there, how are you doing today? I hope you are well. Today is Wednesday, half way done! I want to share another OOTD with you. I adore these black and white Aztec pants. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by! I love you for it. until next time, stay cute, stay sweet. xoxo, […]