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Sunshine Please

Happy Monday everyone. Sorry for falling off the map for a few days. Mono has been kicking my butt, I think I am finally headed to full recovery as week three rolls in. This illness has been as mental as it is physical. By that I mean, trying to stay positive and giving myself time […]

My Eve Wishes for You

Happy New Year’s eve my dear’s! I am happy to tell you guys that today I am feeling better. It seems as though this mono madness is finally heading out and just in time for me to start the new year off somewhat on the right foot. I am still alive, in case ¬†you were […]

Never fully dressed.

Without a smile. Happy Friday! Above is one of my most favorite bridal photos by the amazing Reaux photo. So I am trying to be optimistic, but typing is taking all of the strength I can muster. Yesterday, I woke up feeling awful. I thought maybe I had caught the flu over the holidays, but […]