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Here Comes the Sun

  Happy Wednesday from teddy bear Lola and me! I decided it was more than time for another HAPPY post! So scroll down for smiles, all images courtesy of Google images. 😀 Have a great day love! Thanks for reading, I love you for it. until next time, stay cute, stay sweet. xoxo, marcy b

Happiness is Contagious

                Hi guys! Yes it is truly time for another one of my inspirational happy posts. It’s Tuesday, feeling kind of blah here. Although, my morning was made by the generosity of the stranger before me at Starbucks who bought my coffee today. I think its important to take small moments to remind ourselves that life […]

Happy Birthday Sweet Magnolia Chic!

Happy Friday ya’ll! Today marks one year that I created this blog. I want to thank you for following and reading, I appreciate your attention and I love knowing that I inspire you. How fitting that my next fav OOTD happens to be MY birthday post. I love sequins and sparkle, I knew I had […]

Poncho Pop

Hi again dears, hope this week is treating you sweet so far! I know I am already feeling a bit bogged down myself. On a positive note, we are closely creeping to the middle of the week. I just want to stop in to share another outfit post. I have owned this poncho cardi for a few months […]

Happiness is Bliss

Hey everyone! Sorry I totally fell off the radar there, I have been beyond busy, knee deep in paint and construction! I am officially a homeowner, that is pretty exciting if I do say so myself. I am feeling overjoyed and overwhelmed all at the same time and what better time than now for another […]

It Girl?

So what do you know? It’s Tuesday once again. Boy how those weekends just seem to fly by, am I right? Only 3 more days until the weekend is here again.  Moving right along,  I want to share another OOTD with you. The title of this post is a question because I was totally drawn […]

Sunshine Please

Happy Monday everyone. Sorry for falling off the map for a few days. Mono has been kicking my butt, I think I am finally headed to full recovery as week three rolls in. This illness has been as mental as it is physical. By that I mean, trying to stay positive and giving myself time […]

The apple of my eye.

Hey everyone… Lately I find myself daydreaming about New York and how badly I want to go back for a visit.  Like I said before, I had to complete a fashion internship to graduate. So I want to share a link to my previous blog that I wrote shortly, in the summer of 2010 while living […]