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Friday Favorites – Summer Time

Happy Friday my dear! It has been far too long since I did one of my Friday Favorites edition. Here are a few things I am loving right now. 1. My shop‘s new arrival, this summer poncho. I think it is so fun and perfect for summer. You could even wear it over your swim suit! […]

Life In Pictures, NOLA Night

Howdy friends, so Monday was our wedding anniversary and I wanted to surprise Travis with something special. Just like the way he surprised me with a trip to Houston for Valentine’s Day. You can read about that dream here.  We don’t really have the time to go anywhere extravagant or exotic for that matter. So I […]

Lilly Pulitzer Palooza!

HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! Did you miss me friends? I really missed you. I was out of service, mentally for the past week. I just had too much on my plate, mind, schedule, everything. I hope you are having a most wonderful summer thus far. As you may know, I started my own business. A lovely little shop […]

Summer Tunic and Scarf

Happy Friday, YAY! I am so glad the weekend is here. I love this outfit I am sharing today. I think a lot of people associate wearing scarves and leggings with the fall and winter seasons. BUT, I believe in wearing leggings and scarves year round depending on how you style it and of course the […]

TOO many Stripes?

Happy Wednesday my friends! The title of my blog comes more as a question because lately I am on a stripe kick, not sure why. I wore stripes two days in a row, AND they were close to the same colors. Pretty pathetic. I gravitate to structured lines, don’t ask me why. But can a […]

Shop Summer Essentials

Hey everyone, now that summer is in full swing I can’t stop myself from bursting into full shopping mode. I need swim suits, cover ups, cute tops, summer dresses, cute shades. I love refreshing my wardrobe. So I wanted to share a few things I think we both need. 🙂 This “Mint Julep” dress is […]

In flying colors.

Hi friend! Hope your day and week are going okay thus far. I want to share another outfit of mine. I always talk about wearing color and loving color and I think many people shy from that, but they shouldn’t! I adore this outfit because it features my absolute favorite colors. It is already beginning […]

Body Inspiration

Happy Friday! YES! The weekend is here once more. Even though my week was a short one due to coming back from vaca, I still find the days were much longer than I would have liked them to be. Nonetheless, it’s all done now and time for some R&R. Today I want to hit a […]

Stripes and Pleats

Happy Thursday! It’s been a while since I shared an outfit, been crazy busy! I know that’s not a good enough excuse. I am totally loving that summer is approaching and I can’t seem to eat enough watermelon. It’s my favorite fruit and only available this time of year, I pick some up every time […]


Happy Friday, I am so excited that the weekend is here and for many reasons. 🙂 Here is a quick look at a pair of my favorite fancy pants. Hope you enjoy! Also, scroll all the way down for a surprise announcement. YAY! WOOHOO! Have a fabulous weekend and head to the store site to treat […]