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Cozy Cute

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start, I know mine is. The weather is still pretty chilly and the cold does not seem to be leaving anytime soon.  I could really use some sun and warm weather though. I just want to pop in and share a quick OOTD […]

Lady in Leather.

hi everyone! Hope your week is going okay so far. I truly wish you all a Happy Holiday season and hope this time of year does not have your head spinning in circles. It can be stressful, I know. I just sent out my Christmas cards to a few loved ones, it puts a smile on […]

Sequin Season

Hello again! I know I have mentioned before my love of all things sparkly and/or flashy. To be specific, I really love sequins. Once winter arrives, I feel that sequins can officially make their public appearance. Nothing says holiday season like sequins do. That is why for Thanksgiving day, I could think of nothing else […]

Few Favorite Things.

Hello everyone, today is the 25th of November. That means that Christmas is exactly one month away. Sorry if that gives some of you anxiety, I will admit it makes me a little nervous as well. However, it IS the most wonderful time of the year and one of my favorite holidays. I want to […]

Awe of Autumn

Hi again, we have made it to the middle of the week! I just want to share another outfit post with you, taken over the past weekend. So as you can see, weather here in the South fluctuates. A LOT. Friday was my “sweater soiree” and by Sunday…here I am. We do not get to […]